Respect Graduate School

Inaugural Conference

“Islam in America: Civic and Religious Youth Identities”

October 21-22, 2017

Bethlehem, PA 18017

Respect Graduate School’s Inaugural Conference, Islam in America, examines the issues at the intersections of religious and civic identities among Muslim American youth. Hear fascinating and insightful papers by scholars, community organizers, activists, and members of clergy dealing with topics such as spiritual education, social transformation, white supremacy, youth chaplaincy, and culture & identity politics. With presentations spanning theory as well as practice, academic discourse, and community involvement, there will be something for everyone.

You also will not want to miss our keynote speaker, the highly esteemed, Dr. Ingrid Mattson whose work focuses on Qur’anic interpretation, Muslim ethics, environmental responsibility, women and family law, as well as interfaith activism. Dr. Mattson is a best selling author; she has served as Vice President and later President of the Islamic Society of North America, and she is credited with founding the first accredited program for Muslim Chaplains in the United States.

This conference will also feature delicious food, networking opportunities, an art exhibit by local artist Nik Nikolov, and a film screening of the critically acclaimed new documentary Dalya’s Other Country by Julia Meltzer, so don’t miss out!

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    • Conference Schedule:

Saturday, October 21st

9:00-10:00                 Registration

10:00-10:30               Welcome Address and Introduction to Keynote Speaker

10:30-12:00               Keynote Address by Dr. Ingrid Mattson

12:00-1:30                 Lunch  – Lunch will be provided

1:30-2:00                  Break and Dhuhr Prayer

2:00-3:15                   Session 1 – Pedagogy and Praxis: Sharing Best Practices in Spiritual Education
Moderator: David Grafton

      • “Islamic Metaphysical Tradition and Muslim Youth’s Intellectual and Spiritual Formation” by Dr. Ozgur Koca
      • “Increasing Social Responsibility of Muslim Youth Within the Larger Society” by Dr. Nuray Yurt and Feyza Teke
      • “Teaching Noble Character: An Exploration of the Correlation between Waldorf Education and Classical Islamic Education” by Bayyinah Muhsin

3:30-4:45                   Session 2 – Social Transformation
Moderator: Rubie Ghazali

      • “Social Transformation Through Character Building” by Erol Dincer
      • “TBA” by Relwan Onikoyi
      • “Lack of Women Empowerment Contradicts Qur’anic Vision” by Parvez Ahmed

4:45-5:15                   Break and Asr Prayer

5:15-6:15                     Public Lecture on Process Patterns Art Exhibit by artist Dr. Nik Nikolov, Professor of Architecture and Design at Lehigh University

6:15-6:45                   Break and Maghreb Prayer

6:45                            Dinner will be provided for all conference participants


Sunday, October 22nd

8:30-9:30                   Registration

9:30-10:45                 Session 3 – Separate but Equal? American Islam through the Fulcrum of White Supremacy
Moderator: Giovanni Herran

      • “(Re)Suffusing Muslim Identity with Respect for the Youth in America: Exemplary Uses of an Africana Muslim Narrative.” by Dr. Mansa Bilal King
      • “Muslims and Jews in America: A Look Backward and a Look Forward” by Dr. Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
      • “Demystifying Hijab.” by Heba Qureini

11:00-12:15               Session 4 – Youth Leadership on Campus and in Community Masjids
Moderator: Patricia Anton

      • “Minority Faith on Campus: Jewish and Muslim Chaplaincies: Past Present and Future” by Adeel Zeb
      • “Youth Spaces of Interfaith Activity” by Shaykh Nuru Mohammed
      • “Empowering Black Muslim Students for Success: What Chaplains Can Do” by Nisa Muhammad

12:30-1:30                 Lunch – Lunch will be provided

1:30-2:00                  Break and Dhuhr Prayer

2:00-3:15                   Session 5 – Cultural Hybridity in an Identity Politics Paradigm?
Moderator: Zara Khan

      • “American Muslim Youth at the Crossroads” by Liyakat Takim
      • “Muslim Nusantara in America: Nurturing Hybrid American Muslim Youth Identities” by Aini Firdaus and Muhammed Rahman
      • “2016 Election Response: Responses of South Asian Muslim Millennials (18-25)” by Shahid Rahman

3:30-5:00                   Film Screening – Dalya’s Other Country by Julia Meltzer, followed by discussion

5:00-5:30                   Break and Asr Prayer

5:30                            Closing Plenary and Open Q&A Session


      • Advance Online Registration–$18
      • On-site Registration – $20

* Background image courtesy of Eric Broug.