Islam 101

What is Islam really about? What do Muslims believe and practice? What is Shari’a? What is Jihad? What are the roles of Women? What does Islam teach about other religions and their followers?

These are some of the intriguing questions that we would all like to learn about from competent professors. Respect Graduate School offers a nine-weeks lecture series specifically designed to engage non-Muslim audience to explore such questions in an academic setting. In this program, our professors and audience members will move beyond stereotypes to learn and discuss with candor and respect about the faith, aspirations, spirituality and problems of more than one billion Muslims worldwide.

Participants may be expected to engage in readings and discussions.

Program Schedule:

  1. Introduction (Co-Teach)
  2. Islamic Basics: Pillars and Teachings (Zuleyha Colak)
  3. Qur’ān’ and Hadith (Zuleyha Colak)
  4. Islamic Sharia (Giovanni Herran)
  5. Islamic Spirituality (Co-Teach)
  6. Major Islamic Groups: Sunni and Shi’a (Giovanni Herran)
  7. Women in Islam (Zuleyha Colak)
  8. Islam and Other Faiths: Violence, Fundamentalism, and Radicalization (Giovanni Herran)
  9. Conclusion: (Co-Teach)


Fee: $75

Date: Fridays, February 3 – March 31, 2017

Time: 7.00 PM – 8:30 PM

Location: Respect Graduate School. 2200 Industrial Dr. Bethlehem PA 18017

*Registration has been closed for Spring 2017 session.