Respect Graduate School

Respect Graduate School (RGS) operates as an academic institution that grants a Master of Arts degree in Islamic Studies with the approval of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera.

Respect Graduate School is committed to providing equal educational opportunities. It is an inclusive institution whose members treat each other with dignity and respect. It does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

Our institution is governed by a highly qualified Board of Trustees, who represent the cultural mosaic of our society in terms of gender, race, religion, and occupation

Our Vision and Mission

The Vision of Respect Graduate School is to serve society by educating men and women for scholarship, especially in Islamic Studies, and for leadership in Muslim communities and for society in general, developing knowledge and putting it into practice with excellence in the nation and the world.

Our mission is to be an institution where students and faculty engage in research, teaching, learning and service with an emphasis on Islamic Studies for the public good. In addition to offering students and faculty academically excellent and stimulating opportunities, RGS promotes engagement with, and service to, the local and wider communities, and provides essential and mutually beneficial connections with academic institutions and social agencies