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Where knowledge becomes wisdom.

Where knowledge becomes wisdom.

Respect Graduate School offers online Master degree and certified programs in Islamic Sciences to its participants. The school supports students with scholarships and grants raised through donations and contributions from its supporters.


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Atheism or Theism?

February 18, 2021

Is there a God? The question is arguably as old as humanity itself. In this Lecture, Dr Hakan Gok looks at how different sides of the debate and how they have argued to prove their points. The lecture particularly focuses on the philosophy of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and it tries to shed new light on the question.

A Critique of Modernity: From the Perspective of Risale-i Nur

February 11, 2021

One of the greatest problems of our century is the problem of modernity. Generally, Muslims are confused about it. Should we except it as whole or reject it? Or could we synthesize between İslam and modernity? In this live talk, “A Critique of Modernity: From the Perspective of Risale-i Nur”, Prof. Dr. Adnan Aslan will try to answer these fundamental questions.

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Online Fundraising Event

December 20, 2020

Come, support the Respect Graduate School, which has set out with the aim of becoming an Islamic Sciences University, with your donations in undertaking bigger projects and academic breakthroughs!

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December 20, 2020

Respect Graduate School is one of the prominent Islamic Higher Education Institutions in the United States of America. Since 2015, it served more than 3000 students with its 11 programs. The school gives special attention to providing scholarships and grants to students of Islamic Sciences. Yearly scholarships and grants provided to the students overpass 65,000 dollars. Significant portion of such funds come from its generous donors. In this fundraising event, Respect Graduate School aims to bring donors to raise funds to advance its online Islamic Education Programs and increase the number of scholarships offered to students from different backgrounds across the world. Program will be aired live on YouTube.

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There are different ways to contribute to Respect Graduate School.

Onlıne Courses

Respect Qur’an School

Knowing that learning Qur’an is vital and it is an endless process, we are committed to preparing students to perform Islamic practices in the best way possible.

Introduction to a Sufi Psychology

The primary objective of this course is to make the students familiar to Sufi epistemology.

Qur’anic Arabic

This course aims to lay the foundational knowledge for the Qur’anic Arabic and is specifically designed to provide the elementary comprehension skills for the Qur’an.

quranic arabic

Knowledge of Maqamat

In this course students will gain basic maqam skills to beautify their recitation, learn voice management, and improve their sense of tonation through the help of an instrument called Oud.

Clinical Pastoral Education

We’re happy to launch a fully online Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program that offers 4 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education.

English Language Program

The English Language Program at RGS is an ESL program for students who wish improve their English speaking and writing abilities. 

esl course respect

Student testımonıals

"I have found every class insightful, interesting and challenging."
Ozgur Yaglidere
"It is so thrilling to know that the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in Islamic studies exists through Respect."
Fatima Kermalli
"I love about RGS is that the atmosphere is not just academic, but spiritual as well."
Erol Dincer

Master of arts

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

Respect Graduate School partners with the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia (ISRA) in collaboration with Charles Sturt University (CSU) to offer a completely online Master of Arts in Islamic Studies degree program.  In this partnership, education is provided by RGS and ISRA with the degree being issued by Charles Sturt University.