m_tekeMeryem Teke

“Respect Graduate School (RGS) provides a thriving classroom environment with didactic lessons and well-informed professors who both challenge and guide the students. It stresses the importance of a well-rounded education and therefore extends education beyond the classroom by providing seminars and programs that both cultivate its students intellectually and prepare them for the professional sphere.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive a holistic education by an institution with extensive resources and an accepting environment.”



f_kermalliFatima Kermalli

“It is so thrilling to know that the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in Islamic studies exists through Respect. They offer a very diverse and enlightening program that will help any student to prepare them for challenges or tasks in both the professional and personal levels. The environment of the school is very appeasing and the staff are very kind and accommodating. It is also wonderful to meet other students with the same goals from a variety of backgrounds. It is a joy to be part of RGS.”




Ozgur Yaglidere

“As a students in the MAIS program, I have found every class insightful, interesting and challenging. The professors are knowledgeable, helpful and supportive in providing both guidance and opportunity to students. Their doors are always open to answer questions and offer advice for everyone academic and professional careers. I have learned not only a great deal about Islam, but have better understood it in context to society and other religions. My classmates are great and the environment allows for inquisitive and thought provoking ideas. RGS has motivated me to continue in the field of Islamic studies!”



e_dincerErol Dincer

“I believe that the environment at Respect Graduate School is ideal for any graduate student wanting to earn their Masters in Islamic Studies. I specifically chose to study at Respect because of their diverse and in depth education of the Islamic faith. I previously studied at Temple University, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. I am interested in revolutionary theory and would like to study how it can be reformed through Islamic concepts and principles. At Respect, I find there is an intimate environment where I always have the opportunity to interact with a wonderful team of Muslim Professors, Advisers, and even the President of the school regarding my studies. I am confident that at Respect Graduate School I can achieve greater and more in-depth knowledge of Islam, while at the same time continuing to pursue my interests in the field of Sociology.

Another thing that I love about RGS is that the atmosphere is not just academic, but spiritual as well. There is a beautiful masjid that is always available for us. At the same time, the faculty makes sure that we are comfortable to speak on a wide range of topics, while the staff is continuously organizing events that push us to think more objectively and critically on topics that concern the past, present and future of Islam throughout the world.”