Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Degree


Respect Graduate School (RGS) was founded in 2015 to offer opportunities for the academic study of Islamic disciplines to future Imams, Chaplains, Teachers and Community Leaders. 

In 2019, RGS partnered with the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia (ISRA) in collaboration with Charles Sturt University (CSU) to offer a completely online Master of Arts in Islamic Studies degree program.  In this partnership, education is provided by RGS and ISRA with the degree being issued by Charles Sturt University.

Our Partners

Established in 2009, ISRA (Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia) is an educational platform that promotes cooperation between Muslims and educational institutions in and beyond Australia. Through its extensive knowledge and experience, ISRA partners with select colleges and universities to provide Islamic educational services and programs. (For more information about ISRA:

CSU (Charles Sturt University) is a multi-campus public university based in Australia. CSU offers a wide variety of online and on-campus programs at undergraduate and graduate levels to over 40,000 students worldwide. A successful and innovative university accredited by the Australian government, and its degrees are accepted internationally. (For more information about CSU:


Master of Arts in Islamic Studies – Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS) degree is a 128 point, fully online program. To complete the MA in Islamic Studies program, students need to complete 12 online courses. The first eight courses of the program are offered by RGS. Afterwards, students will complete 4 more advanced courses provided by ISRA. Upon successful completion of these 12 courses, students will be awarded an accredited and internationally recognized Master of Arts in Islamic Studies degree through CSU.

For Course List and Description, Please See Here.

Why You Should Choose to Earn Your MAIS with Us?

Academics: We offer classes in all of the traditional Islamic sciences taught by highly qualified instructors.

Affordability: RGS is dedicated to providing the most competitive tuition prices for a Graduate Degree Program. For a full description of the Costs and Fees for the MA program, please see here.

Convenient Schedule: By offering this program 100% online, RGS makes higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or busy schedule.

Accredited Degree: This program is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to earn an M.A. Degree in Islamic studies from an accredited and internationally recognized institution at an affordable price.

Education For All: RGS actively promotes the principles of, diversity, harmony, and inclusivity.

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