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Continuing Education Policies

Admission Requirements

1- Registration for online courses or programs at the Respect Graduate School (RGS) is only available through the official website (

2- Each registration application made by the candidate by filling out the registration form is a pre-registration. The student is informed by an orientation email with detailed information about the course after the Registrar’s Office has approved the registration.

3- In the following cases, the pre-registration may not be  approved, hence the candidate is notified via e-mail and the fee is fully refunded;

a- If there is a change in the pre-registered course’s fee, schedule, and the instructor,
b- Unless the required number of registration is not met,
c- If the course/class quota is exceeded.

4- It is the responsibility of the student or, if the student is a minor, his/her parent to ensure that all information entered on the registration form is correct. The registration process, the course implementation process and all subsequent processes are based on the information entered by the trainee in the registration form. In the event that any information is provided incorrectly or changes due to other reasons, the trainee is obliged to notify the student affairs unit of this change. Numerous errors are possible without correct information. Some examples are listed here: a) Failure to contact the student due to incorrect information entered in the registration form therefore failure of student to start the program on time b) incorrect names on the certificates and other documentation due to name inaccuracy c) Incorrect information such as gender, age, level and instructor selection due to the fact that the student is taken to a different category than the original requested and misses the courses to be entered d) Address error or in case of moving, the new address RGS shall not be held liable in any case mentioned herein or not mentioned, such as sending the printed certificate to the wrong address due to non-notification.

5- If there are requirements such as the minimum academic level required to start a course, having previously studied in the specified fields and/or having previously completed the previous level in the same course (where prerequisites are required, these are indicated on the program page on our website), the student may be asked to submit the necessary documentation to meet the requirement. A certificate or equivalent document is essential for this submission. The registration is approved if these conditions are met.

6- Conditions such as reading, preparation, presentation, participation in the project assignment, and doing homework that must be fulfilled in the course may also be required by the program management for the student to continue in the program. If this is not fulfilled, it is indicated on the program page on our website that the student’s registration can be deleted. If this condition exists, but the student does not fulfill the requirement, then his/her registration will be deleted accordingly.

7- The student who has completed the registration to the program approves that the courses can be recorded by the RGS, and the students can reach this record later. The RGS management can use the recordings for internal training purposes.

8- In the programs where attendance is compulsory, the registration of the student who does not attend the courses for three consecutive weeks is automatically deleted.

9- The student is responsible for fulfilling the conditions for paying the course fee listed on the website.

Add-Drop Policy

There may be different courses and classes within a training program at RGS.

1- If the student has chosen the course/class he/she wants to attend on the registration form, then the student’s request to change the course/class is taken into consideration before the first lesson of the 3rd week of the program.

Requests to change the course/class made after the first-class hour of the 3rd week are not considered. To fulfill the request before the first lesson of the 3rd week, the quota status of the desired course/class is considered. If the desired class is at a different level than the class in which the student first registered, whether the student meets the requirements of the desired class also affects whether the request is fulfilled or not.

2- Students’ requests to change course/class or instructor are taken into account before the first lesson of the 2nd week in every term. In such applications, the request must be justified. Some applications may not be accepted since many factors such as gender, age, level, desired course days and hours are effective in fulfilling the demand.

In case of any course/class or instructor change requests, the application must be made to the student affairs unit via the “[email protected]” email address. Any application made personally to the program director or the instructor or to the program account is not valid and will not be deemed to have been made on time.

Course Dropout and Refund Policy

In all its programs, RGS offers the student the right to a full or partial refund of the course fee. The policy in the programs to which the student has the right of refund is divided into two according to the program format.

A. For academic seminars with many lecturers, the refund policy is as follows:

1- If the refund request is made before the first course of the second week is fulfilled, then the student is given a “full refund”. Note: For programs where there is an orientation meeting, this meeting replaces the first week of the program.

2- If the refund request is made after the first course hour of the second week until the half of the program calendar, the fee of each remaining week in the program is deducted and the remaining part is returned to the student, regardless of the student’s participation.

3- Refund requests made after the half of the academic calendar in the program are not accepted.


B. For programs where only one instructor is present, the registration fee is included in the total course fee. This fee corresponds to 10% of the relevant program fee, and this 10% amount will not be refunded to the student. The refund policy for such programs are as follows:

After subtracting the registration fee corresponding to 10% of the program fee,

1- If the refund request is made before the start of the first lesson of the 2nd week in the program, then the remaining amount is returned to the student.

2- If the refund request is made after the first course hour of the 2nd week until the half of the academic calendar in the program then the remaining amount is refunded to the student by subtracting the registration fee and the fee for each course hour made to that point, regardless of the student’s participation.

3- Refund requests made after half of the academic calendar in the program in which the student is enrolled are not accepted.


How to Request a Refund

Official refund requests can only be made through the “[email protected]” email address. In the e-mail to be written, the refund request should be explained in detail with a reason. Refund requests other than this method are invalid as they have no formality and will not be considered.

Form of Refund After Refund Request

After the refund request, the refund is made only to the account where the payment was made, in the same way.

All refund requests are evaluated independently of the student’s attendance situation. Students are responsible for informing the registrar of leave requests in time by official email and also are considered taking full responsibility in payment procedures of the RGS.

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