Cost & Fees

RGS aims to offer top quality education, while at the same time providing the most competitive tuition prices for a Graduate Degree Program.

RGS Course Fees

Tuition per course: $500


Sample Cost for a Semester at RGS

Full-Time Tuition (4 Courses): $2,000
Total: $2,000 per semester, $4,000 per year.


ISRA & CSU Course Fees

The final 64 points of subjects (or four 16-point courses) must be completed with ISRA by enrolling to CSU. Students taking courses with ISRA/CSU will be subject to CSU’s international student tuition rate, which is approximately $3,349 US ($4,860AU) per 16 point course.


Sample Cost for a Semester at ISRA & CSU

Total: $6,698 US ($9,720 AU) per semester, $13,396 US ($19,440 AU) for one year of full-time study (64 point total) before discount.


Discount for ISRA & CSU Course Fees

RGS Students who complete these four courses with ISRA to earn their MAIS degree from Charles Sturt University will receive a 30% tuition reimbursement. After reimbursement, the total ISRA & CSU course fee will be approximately $9,380 US.


Total Estimated Cost For MAIS Degree:

Estimated Cost to Complete the Eight 8-Point MAIS Courses at RGS in 1 Year (2 Semesters) as a Full-Time Student is $4,000 US.

Estimated Cost to Complete the Remaining Four 16-Point MAIS in 1 Year (2 Semester) as a Full-Time Student is $9,380 US after 30% tuition reimbursement.

Total Cost to Complete the MAIS Degree in 2 Years as a Full-Time Student is under $14,000 US!

*Taxes and Fees not included. CSU Tuition rates and international conversion rates accurate as of 5-16-2019, and are subject to change.



Fall Registration Deadline: August 18

Spring Registration Deadline: December 29