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Creativity in Education

Course date: October 19 – December 7, 2023

Creativity in Education

Course date: October 19 – December 7, 2023

October 19 – December 7, 2023

Every Thursday
1 PM - 3 PM (EST)

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Course Description

This course introduces the field of creativity by exploring its prominent models and theories, its place in education, and strategies for designing classrooms that foster creative thinking. The course will also cover the characteristics of creative individuals and the elements of creative pedagogy that can be used to maximize student learning, especially for advanced learners from diverse backgrounds.

Objectives of the Course

Develop awareness on strengths and growth areas pertaining to creative thinking and behavior.

Compare and contrast different definitions, models, and theories of creativity. Explain how these different perspectives can be used to understand and foster creativity in education.

Design learning and performance modifications that can be used to enhance creativity in core subject areas for individuals with gifts and talents. Identify and discuss personal, social, and environmental factors that can hinder or support creative learning.

Weekly Schedule

Session 1 (October 19): What is creativity, and the role of creativity in today’s education

Session 2 (October 26): Who is a creative person, and creativity theories and models

Session 3 (November 2): Tools and Strategies to support creativity

Session 4 (November 16): Integrating creativity into curriculum

Session 5 (November 30): Creativity fostering teacher behaviors

Session 6 (December 7): Measuring creativity

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Creativity in Education


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About the Instructor

Dr. Selcuk Acar is an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of North Texas. He received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (with an emphasis in Gifted and Creative Education) from the University of Georgia. His primary area of research interest includes divergent thinking, assessment of creativity, and the education of the gifted and talented. Prior to UNT, Dr. Acar has worked at two different centers specialized in the field of creative education: Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development of University of Georgia, and the International Center for Studies in Creativity of SUNY Buffalo State. In addition to numerous book chapter and encyclopedia entries, Dr. Acar published over 50 peer-reviewed articles primarily on creativity. He has served as a PI in a 3-year grant by the Institute of Education Sciences to develop a new measure of original thinking called MOTES. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor at Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts and Journal of Creativity. He is also on the editorial board of Gifted Child Quarterly, Journal of Creative Behavior, Journal of Advanced Academics, and Creativity Research Journal. Dr. Acar is a recipient of APA Division 10’s 2022 Berlyne Award in recognition of outstanding research by an early career scholar and UNT College of Education’s 2021 Faculty Research Excellence Award.
Dr. Selcuk Acar

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