Drop & add course policies for short courses in English at the Respect Graduate School


  • The requests for transferring to another course or for a full refund in the registered program is taken into consideration with a written petition before the start of the second-class hour.
  • The applications made after the second-class hour for a full refund will not be taken into consideration. Students whose applications approved by the program administration will be given a chance to transfer to another course or receive a full refund.
  • For refund requests made after the second-class hour of the relevant program, the evaluation will be made by the program administration and, if accepted, the tuition for each class hour will be deducted and the remaining part will be returned to the student regardless of the student’s participation to the lessons.


The procedure for refund applications


  • Acceptable course transfer and refund petitions can only be made through info@respectgs.us email address. The email petition must include the reason for the course transfer and refund request. Petitions without reasonable explanations will not be taken into consideration.


The method of refund


  • The refunds will be made to the same bank accounts through the same method of payment.