Academic English Program

General English – Level A2

Fall 2020

In this course, students who have become curriculum builders have the chance to both deepen and broaden their knowledge of English with various materials, which will expose the students to the authentic English Language and make them better independent learners. Students will not only digest the principals of the new deep approach language learning pedagogy, but they will also have an opportunity to discover and actualize it themselves in real life situations. Students who want to continue their studies in an academic level may then choose to graduate to Academic English 1 and gain new perspectives for the academic world.

General English – Level A2 – Low Intermediate

Where: Online

Schedule: September 14 – November 5, 2020

Days: Every Monday and Thursday

Times: 1:00 – 3:00 PM EST

Cost: $500

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To Apply:

To apply for admission to General English – Level 1, please complete the form bellow. After Completing the application form, prospective students will be contacted by an RGS teacher to schedule an assessment test. This assessment is designed to evaluate the student’s current level of English speaking and writing ability, to answer any questions the student may have, and to help guide them to the course that will be best suited to their ability and goals.