Support our Masjid

The Respect GS Mosque is dedicated to serving the community of the Lehigh Valley and is open to the public seven days a week. We offer Jumu’ah Prayer every Friday, as well daily prayers five times a day. Your financial support is greatly needed to help us keep up maintenance for the mosque, as well as to help us to continue bringing exciting and spiritually inspiring guest speakers to you from around the world.

Support our School by Establishing an Endowment

Bright futures can be built up only through the hands of bright people with enough resources. In any academic field, the life circle goes around the chains of qualified faculty, talented students, and exciting achievements. Undeniably, the seed of this life circle is adequate financial resources. Philanthropic funds enable institutions to recruit esteemed faculty members who would attract talented students and they together realize hopes and dreams of the bright future.

RGS is not exempt from this life circle. Philanthropic supports provide us the ability to work with accomplished faculty members, admit the best students regardless of their income, expand our research resources, and walk towards our bright future. To this end, RGS invites philanthropists to be a part of our legacy through their endowments.

Interested donors are encouraged to visit us at our campus.

Support Our Students by Growing a Scholar

The Vision of Respect Graduate School is to serve society by educating men and women for scholarship, especially in Islamic Studies, and for leadership in Muslim communities and for society in general, developing knowledge and putting it into practice with excellence in the nation and the world. For this vision, RGS offers a Master’s of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies and admits students who dedicate their time, energy and hope to their field. In regard to that RGS promises to support them both academically and financially.

Our students are growing in terms of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of their lives as well as dedication to be of service in our nation and in the world. We invite individuals and institutions to be partners in their growth. RGS has established several opportunities that may gain your support. We anticipate that other means will develop in the future. Adequate financial assistance will enable the students to focus on their studies and researches without undue financial concern in their heart and mind so that they will not be burdened by student debt when they graduate and embark on their careers.

Respect Graduate School does not receive any state or federal funds. All financial aid plans are made available through community supports and mainly come from zakat money.
Every year, the following scholarship plans will be open to full-time degree students of the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Program (MAIS). The plans are merit-based and the decision for the applications will be made prior to each Fall Semester.

Abu Hanifa Scholarship:
One full-time student at RGS will be awarded an Abu Hanifa Scholarship. This scholarship includes a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend of $1,000 per month until graduation, for up to 21 months.

Hasan Basri Scholarship:
Two full-time students at RGS will be awarded a Hasan Basri Scolarship. This scholarship includes a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend of $1,000 per month until graduation, for up to 16 months. Students receiving this scholarship will be expected to work 20 hours per week during the academic year as an assistant.

Scholarship plans are merit base forms of financial aid.

Besides these two financial aid forms, RGS gives tuition waiver or discounts based on available funds and student need.
RGS encourages interested persons to express their support for RGS’ vision and mission by cultivating and encouraging the growth of its students though these and future forms of financial support.

Potential donors to these programs and the overall support of RGS are encouraged to visit us at our campus.


Initiate a Research Project

Persons or institutions that want to see a specific subject related to Islamic Studies researched and explored in an academic institution have an opportunity to actualize their desire at RGS. Through our Initiate a Research Project Program, persons and institutions may propose a research project to RGS, and, if it is considered appropriate, participate in its funding. If desired by the donors, such projects will bear the names of its sponsors.


***Respect Graduate School, operating under the federal tax identification number of 46-2122947, was established as a graduate school and designated by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt as defined in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and, as such, your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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