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Why should you take this class?

To learn Islamic terminology in English and fully appreciate Islamic tradition, ethics, and values, learning Islam’s 101 in English is a must for every Muslim especially if you live in western society. In a diverse society where exchange and dialogue are a necessary component of everyday life, you need to be able to define yourself and your religious values in English.

Objectives of the Course

To teach students about the Islamic belief system.

To explore details on how the Qur’an was revealed, recorded and preserved

To study the life of the Prophet Muhammad

and to teach so many other topics as stated in the section below

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will thoroughly get a better understanding of the Islamic belief system.

Explore details on how the Qur’an was revealed, recorded and preserved.

Students will look into the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Students will be able to learn and understand the different Islamic terminologies.

For Adult: July 10, Saturday
For Youth: July 11, Sunday

For Adult: Saturday
10-12 PM (EST)
For Youth: Sunday
10-12 PM (EST)

Tuition Fee $350
NOW ONLY for $200

Course Topics

Here are some questions that we will answer in What Islam is All About: Islam 101 class:

How was the Qur’an revealed, recorded, and protected?

What makes the Qur’an unlike any other book?

What is the relationship between the Qur’an and Science?

Who is Muslim and why do some people not believe?

Who is Allah? How can we understand who Allah is?

What are Angels and Jinn?

How do angels interact with humans?

What is the purpose of Revelation?

Who controls my life?

What happens If I die and what happens to my soul after death?

What is paradise and hellfire?

Required Readings, Textbook or materials that you should know about.

The textbook information:

Emerick, Yahiya What Islam is All About

Current ISBN: 9781933269160

Copyright 2014 Noorart Inc.

Why this textbook?

i. This text presents materials only from the authentic Islamic sources: Holy Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith.

ii. Renown author amongst the Muslim community.

iii. Good summary of the content.

iv. Language is accessible to everyone.

Other details about the course instruction:

This course will employ Google Classroom to distribute assignments, additional documents,and announcements.

This course will be comprehensive in that student discussions will play an important role along with the reading assignments.

There will be reflection question/questions submitted before every class meeting on Google Classroom. 

Final exam will be an open book consisting of questions from the chapters we have studied.

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About Instructor

Nuriye Kahraman did her BA in Master of Arts double majoring in Sociology and Religion at Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus.She continued with her MA in Religious Studies.She has taught Islamic Studies for two years in two different private schools to elementary,middle and high school students.Lastly she was a teacher at a charter school teaching English and Social Studies to 5th grade students. Nuriye currently lives in New Jersey.
Nuriye Kahraman
Kareem Sharabi was born in Melbourne, Australia and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He has learned from scholars in both the United States and Jordan. He first studied the foundations of Islam at the Madina Institute in Duluth, Georgia. He went on to do his masters in Middle East history at the University of Chicago, before going on to study the sunna and the science of Qur’an recitation in Amman, where he has lived for the past three years. He teaches Islam 101 and a class on the meaning the daily supplications found in the sunna.
Kareem Sharabi

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