Library Policies


Borrowing Privileges

All currently enrolled RGS students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, affiliates of other area colleges, and non-affiliated members of the community may borrow items from Respect Library. Please see the details below.

RGS Students: Students currently enrolled for classes may borrow up to 20 items (books, videos, and audio CDs, etc.) for a period of four weeks. During the summer, students who have enrolled for the fall semester also have borrowing privileges. Items may be renewed two times. Borrowers must display a valid RGS ID card to borrow materials.

Faculty, Staff, Administration: Faculty, staff, and administration may borrow an unlimited number of items for a period of four months. Items may be renewed twice. All borrowers must display a valid RGS ID card to borrow materials

RGS Alumni: Alumni may apply for a free alumni library card to borrow materials. Alumni may borrow a total of 10 items for a period of three weeks. Items may be renewed once.

Students/Faculty at Area Colleges: Students and Faculty from Moravian College who are currently enrolled for classes may borrow up to 5 items for a period of four weeks. These items may be renewed once. Both groups of borrowers (students and faculty) must display a current validated ID card from their home institution to obtain a Respect Library card and borrow materials. (Note: RGS students & faculty also have borrowing privileges at these institutions.)

Non-affiliated Community Members: Members of the following groups may obtain an outside borrower’s card at no charge:

  • Area ordained religious leaders
  • Area elementary, middle, and high school teachers
  • Friends of Respect Library who are not otherwise eligible for a card may obtain an outside borrower’s card for an annual fee of $25.00.


Fines & Fees

All students (RGS and non-RGS), alumni, and paying patrons are subject to late fees for overdue materials.

The fine schedule is as follows:

Books, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs: $1.00 each per week following the date due. The maximum fine is $8.00 per item.

Lost Item Replacement Fee: Once an item is 60 days overdue, it is characterized as lost. A lost item fee of $15.00 is noted on the borrower’s library account. The borrower will be responsible for all overdue fines that have accrued, the $15.00 lost item fee, and the replacement cost of the item.

Suspension of borrowing privileges: Students are permitted to carry a balance of $80.00 before borrowing privileges are suspended.



Guidelines for gifts/donations to Respect Library are as follows:

Potential donors should provide a list of materials being offered, prior to sending a gift.

Donors are responsible for the delivery of the gift.

Gift materials will be evaluated using the same standards that are applied in selecting new materials.

Donations to the collection must be able to be integrated without the need for special facilities, control, handling, or staffing unless the cost is contained as part of the gift.

The library is not able to accept duplicates of materials already in the collection, unless the library copy is in a condition that warrants replacement.

Periodicals will not be accepted.

The IRS requires that the donor be responsible for gift appraisals. By law, the library is not allowed to be responsible for the appraisal of gifts.

The library has the right to retain or dispose of any gift according to library policy.

All departments of RGS must adhere to this policy in accepting potential donations for the library.

The library reserves the right to refuse unsolicited gifts that do not comply with this policy.