Life at RGS

While courses at RGS provide students with the intellectually stimulating environment they crave, the student life at RGS provides a variety of on-campus events, exhibits, student clubs & organizations, seminars and workshops that present opportunities to grow spiritually, professionally, as well as to build connections with the community.

For instance, every Friday, the Masjid at RGS hosts khutbahs by local scholars and sheikhs. There is also a colloquium series held several times a year that features established scholars like George Saliba and Zeki Saritoprak. Students are encouraged to participate in these cultural and spiritual events, as well as to become involved with clubs and organizations such as “Respect Nature,” a student club dedicated to enjoying all of God’s creations, promoting responsible stewardship of the environment, and elevating the human spirit by achieving harmony with nature.

RGS students have the opportunity also to participate in the many free skill-building workshops offered throughout the year. Every fall semester at RGS there is a NGO workshop that provides students with an opportunity to examine practical examples of successful non-governmental organizations by enabling them to visit different NGO facilities, meet with their leaders, and participate in their events.

During the spring semester, students who are nearing completion of their degree are encouraged to attend the Doctoral Studies workshop. These workshops are facilitated through seminars given by invited speakers with expertise in graduate education. The goals of these workshops are to provide guidance for Ph.D. acceptance and to raise awareness about the nature of academic life as a Ph.D. candidate.

Also, every semester, students are invited to participate in the weekly Research and Writing workshops hosted by our head librarian to help students sharpen their academic skills.