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What is a Non-Degree Student (Non-Matriculated Student)?

This is a person who does not enroll in the Master of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies (MAIS) program but takes MAIS courses.  They may opt to take MAIS courses for credit in which case they fulfill all course requirements as stated in the course syllabus and, if they pass the course, are awarded 3 credits on a Respect Graduate School transcript.  Non-matriculated students taking a course for credit pay $1500 per course and they are not eligible for scholarships. Alternatively, a person may opt to audit MAIS courses which means they will not earn 3 credits, and they are only obliged to fulfill whatever requirements the instructor sets for audit students. These non-matriculated students pay $400 per course and are not eligible for scholarships.

Respect Graduate School offers...

... its master's degree courses to people who are interested in taking graduate level Islamic Studies courses for personal enrichment without enrolling in a degree program. Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge of Islam, explore new topics, or consider whether you may want to pursue a master's degree, you may take our graduate courses for credit or you may audit.

Why take graduate courses in Islamic Studies?

Acquire deeper knowledge in specific Islamic topics

Experience Respect Graduate School without committing to a full degree program

Connect with experienced and distinguished scholars


  • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree must provide an official transcript. Juniors and seniors in college can submit the current student copy of their transcript.
  • A short personal statement that expresses your reasons for wanting to take the course(s) you have chosen
  • A non-refundable application fee of $25.


Note well:

Non-Degree Students must reapply if they want to enroll in the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS) degree. MAIS courses with a grade of B- or higher shall be applicable towards the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies.

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