Muslim Intellectual Fulfillment in the Modern World

Can Muslims gain intellectual fulfillment in the world today? Muslims are immersed in intellectual and cultural contexts that contradict their deeply held religious commitments. Western views of science, reason, freedom, equality, human rights, gender roles, war and peace are some flash points that generate tension between Islamic traditions and the societies in which Muslims live. Join us as we examine ways in which modern Muslim thinkers grapple with these conflicts and suggest ways in which Muslim women and men may attain intellectual fulfillment while being faithful to Islamic values and ways of life. 

Topics covered in-depth include:
– Atheism, Scientism, & Empiricism
– Liberalism
– Secularism
– Feminism
– Evolutionary Science
– Islamic Reform Movements
– Understanding Sexuality & Gender Disparity in Islamic Law
– Jihad and Hudud
– Slavery

By the end of this course, you will inshaAllah:

1. Trace the intellectual history of the major Western philosophies that contribute to Muslim doubt and intellectual frustration.
2. Confidently and intellectually address common objections and attacks against Islam without resorting to tired apologetics or old avoidance strategies.
3. Develop analytic skills that can be utilized to think critically about the modern world and its interaction with Islam.
4. Gain valuable provisions for your own journey towards confidence, conviction, and intellectual fulfillment in Islam.


The classes will be held from December 25th to December 31st, from 9 AM to 4 PM. January 1st is the office hour day designated for the students who would like to talk to the professor further on the course subject. The daily schedule will be as follows:

9 AM – 12 PM – Morning Session
12 PM – 1 PM – Lunch Break
2 PM – 4 PM – Afternoon Session

  • The classes will be held in Berkeley College in Paramus, NJ.

To enroll, please see: REGISTRATION CLOSED