masjid_respectgsOur Masjid

The RGS Masjid is a breathtaking prayer room open to the public, where daily prayers are held, including Jumu’ah (Public Sermon at Friday Prayer Service) and Taraweeh prayers (Daily Congregational Night Prayers during  Ramadan). Visitors are mesmerized by its three qubbas (domes) and mihrab (niche). Each dome is hand-painted with Islamic calligraphy, the entrance doors are carved with geometric shapes and the walls are adorned with gilded panels and blue ceramic tiles typically found in mosques around the world.

Our masjid is a place for both spiritual nourishment and intellectual growth. Besides serving as a sacred space for contemplation, supplication, and prayer, it also serves as a congregational place where renowned scholars give khutba (Public Sermon at Friday Prayer Service) and lead traditional halaqas (gatherings for the study of Islam and Qur’an).

Friday Prayers (Salatul- Jumu’ah)

Friday prayers are performed at the RGS Masjid at 1:30 p.m. The Khutbah is given by Imam Beytullah Colak. We occasionally invite scholars and imams from nearby Muslim communities to give Khutbahs and Halaqahs. Special Khutbas that we announce on this page may have different starting times.