Scientific Considerations of Evidences of Tawhid

Course date: June 24 – August 12, 2023

Scientific Considerations of Evidences of Tawhid

Course date: June 24 – August 12, 2023

Objectives of the Course

Be able to help Muslims understand the Holy Quran even better with scientific approaches

Understanding that new scientific developments do not conflict with the verses of the Qur'an

Be able to learn current researches and innovations and understand the issues raised by current researches according to the Holy Quran

Be able interpretation some verses of the Qur'an

Course Description

The Course on Scientific Considerations of Evidences of Tawhid presents explanations of some miraculous meanings of Qur’anic verses: informing us of the Universe’s undiscovered laws according to new scientific researches. Currently, all scientific and technological developments and discoveries continue to confirm the miraculous verses of the Qur’an. The aim of this course is to scientifically investigate the existence and oneness of Allah (swt) and to confirm that the Qur’an is the word of Allah (swt) who has possessing infinite knowledge.

Student Learning Outcomes

To gain experience of doing independent study and research on the Holy Quran

To be able to communicate with the other people (muslims or non-muslims) more effectively with the verses of the Qur'an

To strengthen their faith with these new proofs of tawhid (oneness) they learned and helped the others To improve and strengthen their faith too

June 24 - August 12,

Every Friday
7 PM - 9 PM (EST)

Tuition Fee

Belirtilen saatler EST (New York) zaman dilimine göredir. Yaşadığınız ülkenin saat dilimi ile New York saat dilimi arasındaki farkı bulmak için burayı tıklayabilir, ayrıca listeye kendi bulunduğunuz şehri de ekleyebilirsiniz.

Weekly Schedule

Week-1: The Secret of the Fibonacci sequence in creation
In this first lesson, the Fibonacci sequence in creation and the secrets of the golden ratio are explained with examples.

Week-2: The secret in the creation of the heart
In the second lesson, the secret in the creation of the heart, the heart-emotional relations and whether the physical and spiritual heart are different or not are explained.

Week-3: Is it possible to transmit the odor?
In the third lesson, the transmission of odor and the diagnosis of disease from odor are explained according to Qur’an and Science.

Week-4: Is it possible to recognize people by the signs of prostration on their foreheads?
In the fourth lesson, we will try to discover the science of biometrics mentioned in the Qur‘an. Moreover, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to recognize people from the prostration on their foreheads is explained.

Week-5: Scientific considerations about the miraculous life of Moses (pbuh) and his people in the desert
In the fifth lesson, scientific evaluations about the miraculous lives of the Prophet Moses and his people, which are included in the Qur’an and other holy books, are explained.

Week-6: How to increase the resistance of our body against Covid-19 according to Quran?
In the sixth lesson, according to the sign of the Quran, how to increase the resistance of our body against infectious diseases such as Covid-19 and the miraculous benefits of the foods mentioned in the Quran are mentioned.

Week-7: How to measure our humanity?
In the seventh lesson, after briefly explaining humanity, it is explained how human standards are determined or measured in the Qur’an. “It is stated that our humanity will be measured by how much we resemble the Prophet Muhammad (sws), who is a role model for us.

Week-8: Artificial intelligence algorithms according to Qur’an
The eighth lesson explores the definition of the concept of algorithms inspired by the verses of the Quran and their relationship with widely used artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Scientific Considerations of Evidences of Tawhid


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About the Instructor

Dr. Bekir Karlik received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul in Turkey respectively. He has worked at several universities as a Professor in Turkey and abroad. He is currently working as an Adjunct Professor at the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre, McGill University in Montreal. His research interests include machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, biometric recognition, biomedical signal and image processing, pervasive and soft computing, and intelligent control systems such as e-nose. Prof. Karlik has published about 200 papers, 2 books, 3 edited books and 4 books’ chapter. He was awarded two patents. He has presented a lot of keynote/plenary lecturer at conferences held in different countries. He is being editor-in-chief of international journal named Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.
Dr. Bekir Karlik

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