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EBSCO EBook Religion
This unique collection features more than 5,800 titles from over 150 trusted publishers covering a broad range of religious subjects including philosophy, ethics, history of religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, religious texts, and more.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials
Produced by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), coverage in this database begins in 1908, with indexing for some journal titles extending back into the nineteenth century. Full text is provided for articles and reviews from more than 300 journals selected by leading religion scholars.

JSTOR: Religion & Theology
The JSTOR Religion & Theology Collection covers the history and philosophy of religious thought spanning traditions, periods, and critical approaches. The collection contains more than 80 titles, drawn excusively from existing JSTOR Arts and Sciences collections. It supports religious studies research as well as scholarship in archaeology, literature, philosophy, and more.
Online Resources in Islamic Studies
Here researchers may find useful research websites in Islamic Studies with annotations by RGS.