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Spiritual Counseling Support for Earthquake Victims

Please pay attention that this counselling is free of charge.

Definition and Functioning

This project, which was carried out by the Spiritual Care and Counseling Unit of Respect Graduate School, aims to provide spiritual and psychological counseling support especially to those affected by the Kahramanmaras -based earthquake in February.

Consultations where the clients can register individually or with family, can be made in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English according to the choice of the client through voice or video communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Signal and Zoom.

The Objectives of the Project

To remove the negative effects of the disaster such as loneliness, deprivation, desperation, despair, anger, abandonment, grief, anxiety and similar feelings

Making the survivors feel that they are not alone and protecting them from mental, emotional and mental pessimisms

To save them from distrusts such as inward closure, harm to themselves and society, and hence keep them on life

Ders Gün ve Saatleri

Belirtilen ders saatleri EST (New York) zaman dilimine göredir. Yaşadığınız ülkenin saat dilimiyle bu saat dilimi arasındaki farkı bulmak için burayı tıklayabilir, ayrıca listeye kendi bulunduğunuz şehri de ekleyebilirsiniz.

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