Respect Graduate School

Respect Graduate School, which offers certified programs and online Master opportunities to its participants in all fields of Islamic sciences, will undertake larger academic projects in the USA and support more students with scholarships and grants, thanks to your donations and contributions as well as its own resources.

Respect Graduate School 2019-2020

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Toward Greater Goals with Your Donations!

Donations play an important role in achieving Respect Graduate School’s academic goals as well as its effective use of its resources. You can support master students and certificate program participants through scholarships with your donations; You can also contribute to the expenses of our library, which is a port of science, and our mosque, which is a gateway to guidance. Come, support the Respect Graduate School, which has set out with the aim of becoming an Islamic Sciences University, with your donations in undertaking bigger projects and academic breakthroughs!

Latif Matt

Master Student

“As a current student of the master program, I wholeheartedly appreciate the value of the Respect Graduate School. I can say this: It has been the best education decision I have ever made. It was the first time I started to learn true Islam, we are distinguished by its evaluation and criticism skills, this is the first time I was actively learning my religion.

In fact, I had the opportunity to participate in the Respect Graduate School’s donation campaign last year. I had the opportunity to buy those wonderful paintings that were sold for the benefit of the school at the auction. I have both invaluable artifacts and had a chance to help the school. It has been a win for me in every way.

I sincerely encourage you to invest in Respect Graduate School. Donate, attend classes, or do both! Make sure you won’t be disappointed!”

Layla Smith

Student of Qur’anic Arabic

“When I started my education at Respect, I didn’t know any Arabic. Towards the end of the 2nd semester, I experienced the true happiness when I could make translations from the Quran and Hadith texts. I recommend it to everyone.”

Sumeyra Saygili

Student of Keywords in Risale-i Nur Studies

“I attended the Key Concepts course in Risale-i Nur by getting a full scholarship. I had a chance to know Respect through those lessons and I loved it. Respect has become like my family. May Allah make your services permanent and allow us to run and serve in the same way when the time comes! “

Our Masjid

Respect Graduate School has a rare mosque that reflects the nature of traditional Turkish Islamic art. Our mosque offers an attractive example of Islam to the cosmopolitan Muslim and non-Muslim society of America with its visual character and its religious services bearing the traces of Turkish Islamic thought that has been distilled for centuries.

A masjid that opens a door to Islamic thought and service

Five daily adhan and prayers; Ramadan tarawih prayers with full Qur’an recitation (hatim); iftar meals that embrace the whole society regardless of religion, language and race; colorful and Friday prayers attended by a wide variety of Muslim races; activities that reflect the Turkish Bayram culture, which is extremely attractive and original to local Muslims.

Services it provides to the student groups, churches and similar institutions that come to visit to learn Islam from experts; the guidance services it provides to the Muslim converts; the educational seminars, the family organizations, the conversation programs; demonstrations by the world-famous Qur’an Hafiz.

Respect Graduate School masjid imam Beytullah Çolak, who is very popular in the region with his respectable identity and exceptionally active character, provides services to many different segments of the society through our mosque and leaves permanent marks on many lives thanks to his services in Turkish, English, Arabic, Kurdish and Spanish.

It is possible to meet the spatial and human resources expenses of our mosque and to continue the said services increasingly with the contributions of our charitable friends and congregation.

“The mosques of Allah should only be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish prayer, pay zakat, and fear none but Allah. It is right to hope that they will be among the truly guided.”

Surah At-Tawbah, Verse 18.

What do they think?

"I got to know the Respect Graduate School's mosque on the occasion of my friend Dr. Ali, who works as a neurologist at St. Luke Hospital. Since then, it has become one of my favorite places. Many good things I have come across have impressed me; but the mosque is always kept clean and the sincere smiles of the people there was one of the sides that attracted me the most."
Dr. Abdelsalam Elshaikh
"While I was driving on the highway 22, I noticed the sign of the Respect Graduate School. I curiously looked through the websites. Then I attended a Friday prayer. People welcomed me with an open heart, and I felt very comfortable. The design of the mosque is unique, it also reflects Islamic arts. When I pray in Respect Masjid, the environment takes me to Cordoba, where the Islamic civilization dominates. The building is dazzlingly clean, the people are very kind and, as Respect's name suggests, they are extremely respectful."
Youssef from Allentown