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Bruce W. Marold, Obl. S.B.

Bruce W. Marold, Obl. S.B.

Scholar in Residence Specialist, Student Writing Center

Ph: 610 867-2657

[email protected]

BA. Summa cum laude Philosophy, with distinction. Lehigh University 1966.
Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of Pennsylvania.
Graduate Studies, Philosophy. The Johns Hopkins University
Certificate: Crossroads Program, Moravian Theological Seminary 2010
MA. Magna cum laude Theological Studies, with award for scholarship, Moravian Theological Seminary 2012


Specializations: 19th and 20th Century Anglo-European Philosophy, especially Charles Sanders Peirce, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Friedrich Nietzsche. 
Feminist Theology.
Teaching Adult Bible Studies (Lutheran Workshop Director)


Bruce Marold was employed in Biological Research for 10 years and in Information Systems Management and Database Administration for Clinical Research into new drugs for 23 years, whereupon he devoted himself to teaching the Bible and returning to academic studies. Since 2012, he has been the editor and research assistant for six published books on Christian theology. He has edited theological writing for scholars from both Korean Christian and Turkish Muslim backgrounds. His interest is to develop a course in European philosophy for Muslims.


Bruce is a member of the board of directors for the Lehigh Valley Storyteller’s Guild, where he has used storytelling for children in Episcopal outreach / evangelism programs. He is an Oblate member of the Benedictine Order.