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Dr. Hakan Gök

Dr. Hakan Gök


[email protected]


BSc: Middle East Technical University – Physics . 1995 

MA: The Open University – Leadership and Management. 2004 

PhD: Durham University – Philosophy. 2013 


Areas of Specialization: 

Physics, Science and Philosophy, Theology 


Dr. Hakan Gök is a Research Fellow at the Center for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett University. Hakan obtained his Masters and PhD in the UK. He studied atheism and theism focusing on the philosophy of Saïd Nursi, earning his PhD degree from Durham University.  

Hakan’s research interests are the problem of evil and suffering, arguments for and against the existence of God, atheist philosophy, life and discourse of Ghazzālī, Rūmī and Sirhindī.