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Dr. Fatih Harpci

Dr. Fatih Harpci

Islamic Studies 

[email protected]  


B.A. – Marmara University, 2003. 

M.A.T.S – Moravian Theological Seminary, 2010.  

Ph.D. –Temple University, 2013.  


Areas of specialization: Islamic History, Christian-Muslim Understanding, Islamic Eschatology, Interpretation of the Qur’an, Hadith Tradition, Islam in Global Perspective 


Professor Fatih Harpci graduated from Marmara University. Professor Harpci’s goal is to contribute to inter-religious dialogue, especially among Christians and Muslims. In preparing to meet that goal, he wrote his master’s thesis on the necessity for interfaith dialogue and earned MATS from Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Prof. Harpci received his Ph.D. in religion (Islamic Studies) from Temple University in Philadelphia. His Ph.D. dissertation examines the Hadiths reports of Prophet Muhammad’s words about and attitudes toward Jesus (‘Isa in Arabic). The study focuses especially on Prophet Muhammad’s statements concerning Jesus’ second coming and his messianic roles toward the End Times. Prof. Harpci presented papers at academic conferences and published articles and book chapters. He has been a frequent presenter in congregations and community groups on Islam as well as on Christian-Muslim relations and dialogue. 


Most recent publications: 

“Jesus in the Hadith Literature,” in Son of Mary: Jesus in Muslim Literature (ed.) S. R. 

Burge. Society of Bible Literature, 2023. (forthcoming) 


“The Myth of Violence as Inherently Islamic,” in The (De)Legitimization of Violence in 

Sacred and Human Contexts. (ed.) Muhammad Shafiq and Thomas Donlin-Smith. 

Palgram Macmillian, 2021. 


“Who Is My Neighbor? Contemporary Muslim Philanthropic Norms In Light Of The 

Prophetic Model,” in Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society, Vol 4 No 2 

(2020): Fall 2020.