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Dr. Savas Saymaz

Dr. Savas Saymaz

Islamic Finance 

[email protected] 


B.S. – Marmara University, 1998. 

MBA – University of Scranton, 2001. 

Ph.D. –  Istanbul University, 2013. 

D.B.A – University of Scranton, 2017. 


Areas of specialization: Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Business Administration, Accounting. 


Dr. Savas Saymaz was born and raised in Turkey. Following his graduation in Physics from Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey), he pursued further education in the field of finance. He earned his MBA in Finance and M.I.S, and DBA in Accounting from the University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania). He also graduated from Istanbul University (Istanbul, Turkey) with a Ph.D. in Business Administration, Finance, and Accounting. 

Dr. Savas Saymaz has been teaching Managerial Accounting and Financial Management courses as an adjunct faculty member in King’s College, The William G. Mc Gowan School of Business (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania). He also teaches Islamic Finance and Banking course at the Respect Graduate School. Besides teaching, Dr. Saymaz has worked in finance professionally since 2001. He is currently Senior Vice President and Partner in Mass Mutual Financial Group in Horsham, Pennsylvania.