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Dr. Sohaib Saeed

Dr. Sohaib Saeed

Quranic Studies 


B.A. – Al-Azhar University, 2013.

M.Sc. – University of Edinburgh, 2009.

Ph.D. – SOAS, University of London, 2018.


Areas of specialization: Quranic Studies, Tafsir (Exegesis), Usul al-Tafsir (Hermeneutics), Translation


Sohaib Saeed was born and brought up in Scotland. His first degrees at Edinburgh were in Philosophy, followed by studies in Islamic Theology at Al-Azhar, specialising in Tafsir and Quranic Sciences. He taught and researched at several European universities before founding the Ibn ‘Ashur Centre for Quranic Studies.

Dr. Saeed has published on Quran interpretation and translation, and is known for his translations from The Great Exegesis of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, among other classical works. He is presently developing a Quran translation based on the exegetical insights of Muhammad al-Tahir Ibn ‘Ashur (d. 1973). The monograph based on his thesis, Explaining the Qur’an Through the Qur’an, is forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press.