Fajjr Khan

Head of Communications and Student Relations

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Ph: 610.419.1751 Ext.116

Gabriela Falcon

Event Coordinator

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Gabriela Falcon has a degree in world literature with educational experience in the area of humanities and a Master degree in Education, both from the Catholic University of Argentina. She is a very proactive person and has experience in leadership and group management in the economic field, working several years for Junior Achievement, an educational non-profit, as a Development Director. She is a mother of two children and loves interpersonal relationships both personally and at work level. She has many years of educational experience in the US as a charter school teacher and she has also lectured about Hispanic literature at UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) and UIW (University of the Incarnate Word, also located in Texas).

Walter Wagner


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Ph: 610.419.1751 Ext. 113

Suleyman Eris


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Ph: 610.419.1751 Ext. 103