Who is Muhammad?

A 7-Week Online Lecture Series

In this 7-week lecture series, titled “Who is Muhammad?” we will present to you Prophet Muhammad as a historical personality, a community leader, a spiritual guide, a problem solver, a peacemaker and as a family man and we will illustrate how these qualities relate to us in today’s world.


Islam is the second-largest religion, after Christianity. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world — that’s 23% of the global population. Given the fact that Islam is one of the world’s leading religions, there is a need to learn more about Islam in the United States in order to create greater mutual understanding.


Let’s have a journey in time and space in history, observe and explore the life of the Prophet of Islam, the most detailed written account of all, and see for our selves what his message is all about.


Dr. Zuleyha Fikret, visiting lecturer from Columbia University
Dr. Halim Calis, Professor of Islamic Studies at Respect Graduate School



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