Muslim Youth

Summer Qur’an Course for Kids

June 20th – August 18th, 2019


This course aims to achieve a high degree of efficiency in reading the Qur’an, understanding the meaning of Arabic words that frequently appear in the Qur’an, as well as learning some basic grammar rules of the Arabic language. In addition to acquiring the recitation skills and basic understanding for the Arabic language, students will also memorize sections and chapters from the Qur’an according to their level.



Ahmad Hereba was born and raised in Egypt. He was exposed to the love of the Arabic language through his father Muhammad Hereba who loved poetry and wrote poems on his own. Ahmad Hereba is Hafiz and has extensive experience in teaching youth in Qur’an recitation and memorization (hifz) programs.


Age Group:

The program welcomes boys and girls from age 6 to 13. All students are welcomed regardless of their current level of reading.

Class Size:

The program aims to pay close attention to students. Therefore, the class size is restricted to no more than 12 students.


The students will be placed in two different classes according to their level. Each class will meet three times a week for an hour.

Class 1: From 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Class 2: From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Dates of the Program:

The program will start on June 20th at 3.00 pm with the placement of the students and will last for 10 weeks. Sunday, August 18th  will be the last day of the program.


$ 300 per student

$ 450 for two siblings

$ 600 for three siblings