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End-of-Life Certificate Program

Course date: June 7 – October 11, 2022

The purpose of End-of-Life Certificate Program is to equip a person to accompany the dying and their family through any setting with skill and confidence.

Objectives of the Course

Establishing Rapport & Peace

Mastering the art of building trust and confidence in your service.

Exploring Types & Settings of EOLD Work

Awareness: serving your client expertly and correctly.

Providing Emotional & Spiritual Support

Awareness: the essence of our service: compassionate presence.

Spiritual Care of Self & Others

Mastering the journey into the great unknown with confidence.

Providing Practical Support

Mastering top End-of-Life Doula guidance skills!

EOL Doula Tools

Legacy, aroma therapy, vigil, planning, and more.

The Dying Body

Awareness: accompanying during the last days of life.

At the Bedside

Mastering physical and supportive care for person and family.

Special Topics in End of Life

Palliative sedation, home funerals, medical issues, green burials, and more.

Professional Issues

Creating a structure to support yourself, ethics, standards of practice, promotions.

Key Information

The class is structured as follows:

🔸The class is 4.5 months long. Classes will be held every Tuesday.
🔸Class begins June 7, 2022, and continue until June 28, 2022.
🔸No live classes through the month of July. Class begins again August 2, 2022, through October 11, 2022.
🔸During July for faculty from RESPECT have one meeting with
students regarding integration of what they have been learning so far with their chaplain duties. They will also be reading the books suggested and making sure all assignments are done.
🔸Class time is 5.00 pm (EST) - 6.30 pm (EST).

Course Material: Accompanying the Dying: A Practical Guide and Awareness Training
The Premier End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program in the US
Publicity tool and/or Brochure of the course: Information Page about Program.
Course Time Outline including breaks, lunch and/or non-instructional time. Our program is a self-paced, online learning experience, which includes hour-long sessions weekly (except for July and December) during the class term.

Curriculum Study Hours: Students have responded to our pre-assessment surveys prior to each Assessment for over 10 years. One of the questions is how long do they need to study to complete the assignments within each Section? Most report 5-10 per week. There are 9 Sections. If we take the average of 7.5 Hours per Section, curriculum study hours alone are 67.5 hours.

Mentoring Hours: For RESPECT, we are doing 14 hours of LIVE Q&A and teaching during the each term. Our structure is discussion, with Q&A, so they may integrate their study with their vision of serving in the future.

Books. There are 3 books to read. The average person takes 2 minutes to read a page of an average book in English.

  1. Die Wise, 416 pages—13 Hours to

This book, many people prefer to listen to the audio version. Know that that is available as well on Amazon: Die Wise Audio Book:

  1. Dying Well: peace and possibilities at the end of life: 299 pages—9 Hours to
  2. Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying: 188 pages—6 Hours to read.

The total book reading hours are 28.

Assessments. There are 4 Assessments, each one taking most people 30 minutes each.

500-word Essay. It takes a typical person 1 hour and 30 minutes to write a 500-word essay.

Total Hours:
Curriculum Study Hours: 67.5, Live Session Hours: 14, Books: 28, Assessments: 2, Essay: 1.5

Total Hours: 113 hours to complete all aspects.

Course Content

Spirituality of Aging

  • Tasks of Life Review
  • Individuality of Spiritual Support
  • Death and Dying
  • Palliative Care
  • Issue of Honesty as Accompanying
  • Personal Growth
  • Respect for Family Process
  • Comparative Religions

Biology of Dying

  • Changes: Physical & Sensory
  • Nutrition Awareness
  • Natural Dying Process
  • Body Decline
  • Non-medical Interventions

Natural Advocate

  • Resource Building
  • Liaison in healthcare system
  • Spiritual Support Referral

Non-medical Interventions

  • Aromatherapy
  • Guided Visualization
  • Therapeutic Approach: Meaningful, purposeful
  • Deep Listening
  • Touch Therapy
  • Presence
  • Music Therapy


  • Responding Skills

Sociology of Dying

  • Engagement and Isolation
  • Dependence and Independence
  • Honoring Culture
  • Long-Term Care Issues
  • Living Arrangements: Retirement Housing, Elder; Assisted Living, Independent Living, Home Health


  • What it is
  • Who Benefits
  • When Appropriate
  • Myths
  • Where Its Delivered
  • Continuity of Care Issues
  • Doula Role with Hospice

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Team Approach: Working Together
  • Coordination of Services
  • Peer Relationships
  • Family Relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Staff and Client Relationships
  • Consultant Relationships
  • Facilitating Healing
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Appropriate Engagement

Compassion Fatigue

  • Self Care
  • Boundaries
  • Support for Doula


  • Self-Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Record Keeping
  • Listening Skills
  • Energy Awareness
  • Appropriate Sharing
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations

Public Awareness & Public Relations

  • Professional Image
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Business Etiquette
  • The Written Message
  • How and Where to Connect with Community
  • The Written Message
  • Dealing with Challenging People
  • Stress Management
  • Community Relationships
  • Advocacy for Family
  • Customer Service

Individualized Care Planning

  • Family Needs
  • Professional Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Boundaries of Private Practice
  • Confidentiality
  • Patient Involvement

Professional Development

  • Structure of Doula Practice
  • Business Planning
  • Business Expectations
  • Professional Standards
  • Creating Your Service
  • Pricing Your Service

Standards of Practice. As a leader in the field, CareDoula® School teaches and practices in accordance with the following Values and Standards of Practice. CareDoula® Values and Standards of Practice

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End-of-Life Certificate Program

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Total: $750

Total 113h
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About the Instructor

Deanna Cochran RN

Deanna Cochran RN, Amazon bestselling author, Founder of the premier End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program and Program Developer, is a present leader and one of the earliest voices of the End-of-Life Doula movement. Deanna also custom builds end-of-life doula programs within hospices and other organizations. She is Education Partner with businesses, schools and other trainers.

The CareDoula® School of Accompanying the dying also serves the community through their CareDoula® Companion Program, a 12 week, private, one to one emotional support service. All private sessions are free and there is an admirative contribution of $100 (sliding scale).

She is honored to be the First Chair of the NHPCO’s (hospice’s oldest and largest trade organization) End-of-Life Doula Advisory Council and is founding member and first Vice President of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, the world’s first nonprofit professional membership organization for End-of-Life Doulas.

Deanna continues to mentor end-of-life advocates and pioneers around the world to create pathways of service where there are none (since 2005). Unity within the movement is one of her highest values and she has been a leader in collaborative efforts within the ‘dying well’ movement since she began. Her main mission is for consumers to know and access palliative care, and to empower us all to care for our own dying, as well as passing on these skills to others.

Her bestselling book, “Accompanying the Dying: Practical, Heart-Centered Wisdom for End-of- Life Doulas and Healthcare Advocates,” is fast becoming the go-to source for every advocate for dying well today. She has been featured in major publications such as the NY Times, Medscape, Huffington Post and many other publications. The CareDoula® School of Accompanying the Dying funds all of Deanna’s public education efforts.

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