Student Services

The mission of RGS Student Services is to support the psychological, social, academic, and career development of students. Through direct consultation with each student, the student services staff aims to help develop better self-understanding and to help students to fulfill their professional and academic goals.

Students who need the following services may contact the Dean of Students or the Associate for Student Services to arrange a session with the appropriate RGS counselor.

Tutoring and Writing Assistance: The Director of the Library and associate for student services is available Monday through Friday to work with students and help them meet their academic goals. Students may make an appointment for one-on-one tutoring sessions, request notes for classes, or have their papers proof read before submission.

Personal Counseling: One-on-one counseling services are available for students to receive help in several areas including depression, anxiety, social relationships, career issues, stress management, and substance abuse. When needed, outside referrals will be processed. Please see the Dean of Students or Associate for Student Services for further assistance.

Group Counseling: The Student Services Staff provides several open and closed counseling, support and educational groups. Groups help students to learn from others’ experiences who have experienced similar challenges and problems. Groups are initiated depending on the students’ needs and demands. Some examples of the groups are substance abuse, loss and grief, eating problems, body image, stress management, and interpersonal relationships.

Workshops & Outreach Programs: RGS Student Services provides workshops and outreach programs on campus based on the needs and requests of the students, faculty and university staff. The Student Services Staff may not be able to address all workshop requests, but depending on the availability of the staff and current demand of the services RGS will do its best to accommodate students’ requests. Examples of the workshops are stress management, improving research and writing, developing communication skills, and NGO and Doctoral program awareness.

Student Housing: The Student Services Staff can assist students in need of housing during their education. Students who have such a need may contact to either Dean of Students or Associate of Student Services for finding local Muslim student houses. Additionally, RGS students might have the opportunity of using local university dormitories in case of need. For further information, please contact the Associate of Student Services.