English for Beginners: Speaking and Listening I

February 4 – March 20, 2019

Registrations Now Being Accepted


Respect Graduate School is pleased to announce that, beginning in January, we will offer the first of our ONLINE non-credit English courses, entitled English for Beginners: Speaking and Listening I.


This 7-week speaking and listening course will improve students’ current level of communication in English through instruction in norms of daily conversations, accent reduction, listening skills and pragmatic ability. It will include elements of conversational English, such as small talk, conversational vocabulary, idioms, speech acts, and non-verbal aspects of communication. The students will learn listening strategies in order to comprehend, process, analyze, interpret, and utilize information gained from interactions with Americans. The course will enhance the students’ cultural awareness and give them the language tools to express purpose of communication properly and improve their audience awareness. The students will increase confidence in their own abilities thus feeling more comfortable using the English language flexibly to meet their varied needs, life circumstances, and goals in everyday life


Classes will meet online every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 – 7:45 pm.


Instructor: Jane Desnouée, Ed.D.

Jane Desnouée is a language specialist and instructor, directing ESL programs, teaching courses in languages, and tutoring international students at universities and colleges throughout Pennsylvania for over fifty years—Lehigh University, Kutztown University, East Stroudsburg University, DeSales University, and Lehigh County Community College in particular. With a background in teaching languages from elementary school through doctoral instruction in English, Spanish, and French, she has enjoyed a career in language, study skills, and college freshmen first-year instruction and seminars. With an Ed.D. in Reading Diagnosis and Bilingual Education, an M.Ed. with Reading Specialist and Spanish K-12 certification, and a B.S. in Spanish and French with 7-12 certification, Dr. Desnouee has specialized in and enjoyed working in all areas of language, with the last several decades devoted exclusively to international undergraduate- to doctoral-level English courses and student advising, having received various commendations in this area, as well as having published instructional material for various companies. With travel and educational and living experiences throughout Europe and Asia, as well as a long-term formal and informal relationships with the Turkish and various Asian communities, Jane, a social activist, has long been interested in inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue among people and nations and has worked to bring these realities about through teaching and facilitating the acclimation of internationals in her home and in their school environments.