An Online Seminar Series

Essentials & Pillars of Islam

June 27 – August 9, July 12- August 23, 2018

Notice: The start and end dates have been moved. New start date is July 12th. 

Islam enlightens us about (1) what and why we believe, (2) why and how to worship, and (3) how to act in a society. These subjects also constitute the major Islamic disciplines: Aqā’id (Doctrine) and Kalām (Muslim theology) deal with faith essentials; Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) treats worship rituals and human interactions, and Akhlāqiyyāt (Islamic ethics) focuses on moral issues.

In this online seminar series titled, “Essentials & Pillars of Islam,” we will focus on these fundamental aspects of Islam, as well as explore many common questions such as:

  • What are the Islamic teachings regarding personal responsibilities before God and society?
  • What are the cornerstones of the Islamic faith system and their significance?
  • What are the wisdom and distinctive characteristics of Islamic rituals?
  • What are the ethical and social responsibilities that Islam places on each individual’s shoulder?
  • And overall, what are the inward and outward qualities Islam idealizes?


This seminar, which is open to the entire public, will take place every Thursday night from 7:00-8:30 PM and will last for 7 weeks total.

The courses will be live via the internet and participants are required to join the courses with a computer, tablet or a smartphone.


Zuleyha Fikret, Columbia University           

Suleyman Eris, Respect Graduate School

Halim Calis, Respect Graduate School


Readings available in Google drive

Meeting Schedule:

(All Begin at 7:00 PM and End at 8:30 PM)

July 12


Zuleyha Fikret, Suleyman Eris and Halim Calis together

July 19

Zuleyha Fikret

Subject: Qur’anic Methodology to Knowledge of God and Tawheed

July 28

Zuleyha Fikret

Subject: Prophethood

August 2

Suleyman Eris

Subject: Worship

August 9

Suleyman Eris

Subject: The Wisdom of Daily Prayers

August 16

Halim Calis

Subject: Ethico-Legal Aspect of Islam – I

August 23

Halim Calis

Subject: Ethico-Legal Aspect of Islam – II


Thursday evenings from 7 PM to 8:30 PM
June 21st – August 2nd July 12th – August 23rd


Enrollment for the entire series is only $75!


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