Hope, Healing and Glass

Glass Sculptures and Mixed Media by

Lee Riley, MD, PhD

Join us on Wednesday, August 1 from 7-9 PM or Saturday, August 11 from 10-12 PM for special exhibit hours with the artist himself, Dr. Lee B. Riley.

Regular exhibition open Monday-Thursday, 7/16/18 – 8/24/18, 9:00-5:00 PM. This event is free and open to the public.


* 100% of the proceeds from the sale of one special piece will be donated to the Women’s 5k Classic to help support women with Breast & Gynecologic (cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal & vulvar) Cancers and their families and to contribute funding for related programs and research in the Lehigh Valley.




* 100% of the proceeds from the sale of one special piece will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, Inc., a compassionate Lehigh Valley 501(c) (3) foundation dedicated to helping children and families affected by pediatric cancer by providing free and unique programming and support during treatment, survivorship, and bereavement.



The formation of a large perfectly shaped crystal in nature is a rare and miraculous occurrence. This is because elements such as wind, rain and flowing water tend to interfere in the growth process, either eroding crystals as they form resulting in sand, silt and clay or mixing them up with other crystalline minerals to form stones such as granite. Dr. Lee B. Riley, a nationally renowned surgical oncologist, has always kept samples of such large rare crystals in his office to remind himself and his patients that miracles do happen and to give them hope when cancer threatens to interfere with their own plans.


In 2011, Dr. Riley began experimenting with glass slumping as a fun means of exploring his creative instincts during his free time, but his mind was always returning to his patients and the theme of hope and healing. As a result, his first project was to create a glass piece that would combine with and highlight one of his favorite crystals, which featured a level of stunning geometrical perfection rarely found in a stone.


Since this first experiment though, Dr. Riley’s interest in fusing glass with nature has blossomed into a full-on passion. Today, his extensive catalogue of work includes large and small-scale sculptures, wall art, and glass bowls that showcase his mastery of a versatile array of glass working techniques. These pieces also feature his distinctly unique and innovative style of combining natural elements, such as wood and rare crystalline minerals, with glass to highlight their beauty and inspire hope in the viewer.


With regards to his work, Dr. Riley says, “We all face difficulties in life. I want my art to remind people that incredibly rare events happen everyday, to appreciate the miracle of Life and to always have Hope.”


One of Dr. Riley’s most recent pieces, titled “Viribus et Spero” (Latin for Strength and Hope), is a stunning six-foot-tall sculpture that fuses glass and rare minerals with reclaimed wood to make it stronger, more beautiful, and whole again. This piece, Dr. Riley says, represents the strength, beauty and hope that his patients have shown as they journey through treatment and recovery.


This piece, as well as many other works will be on display as part of Dr. Riley’s premiere solo exhibit “Hope, Healing, and Glass” to be held at Respect Graduate School in Bethlehem, PA. The opening reception for “Hope, Healing, and Glass” will be on Saturday, July 14, from 7:30-9:00 PM. Admission to this exhibit is free and light refreshments will be served at the reception. This exhibit will also be open to the public for regular viewing every Monday through Thursday, 9-5 PM, from July 16 until August 24, 2018.