Student Clubs

Co-curricular activities greatly enhance the value of the RGS experience. The rewards of involvement are many: making new friends, exploring new interests, developing talents, learning by doing, establishing valuable contacts, contributing to the RGS and the greater community, and combining social and academic interests in ways that are personally rewarding. Students are encouraged to develop interest groups and other associations that do not conflict with the RGS’s mission, vision and mandates. The Dean of Students is to be informed about, and to approve, the formal establishment of any such group.

The Respect Graduate School Graduate Student Council (GSC) – GSC is the major student organization of RGS. The purpose of the organization is to foster leadership skills, develop positive relationships among the RGS students, organize social and community service activities, and encourage student-faculty cooperation. All students enrolled at the RGS are members of the GSC and are eligible to vote on matters presented to the student body. Officers of the GSC are elected annually by the members and lead the organization in fulfilling its objectives.

One student officer elected annually by GSC members will serve as the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees with voice, but no vote. The Student Representative shall attend meetings of the Board and shall represent student interests and concerns on issues that affect students, both before and after decisions are made.

Outdoor Club (OC) – Pennsylvania has many parks, biking paths, hiking trails, ice skating, skiing/snowboarding/tubing, rafting, and kayaking locations. The Lehigh Valley’s excellent park systems include the Trexler Parks (Allentown), Rodale walking and bicycle trails (South Whitehall), Sand Island Canal walking and bicycle pathways and Monacacy Park (both in Bethlehem) plus other nearby community centers and parks with basketball and volleyball courts as well as hiking trails. RGS realizes that outdoor activities are important for the physical as well as social well-being of students and organizes several group activities each semester.

For more details regarding Student Clubs and Organizations, please contact Cory Dieterly, Associate for Student Services at